OpenOffice Writer 3.0 - Notes Video
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 OpenOffice 3.0 includes some great new features and among them is the upgraded notes system in OpenOfficeWriter 3.0. The notes are easy to add, customize, delete and navigate through.

To insert a note just click on the area you want to place it in and select Insert --- Note or press Ctrl+Alt+N. Next enter the text you want included in the note. Press enter and you should see you text inside the colored note window. Below your note you should see the author name and date the note was created. 

If you decide that you want to remove the note just select the small black arrow in the bottom right corner of the note and click Delete Note. You can also delete all notes or all notes by a specific author.

Jump to another note by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Pg Up and Pg Down. I've also found that using the navigator window, where you can see all notes at once, is useful on projects that are more than a page or two long.

Printing your notes is easy and you can do so by selecting File --- Print. Select the Options button in the bottom left corner of the window. Select notes only option under the notes column. Press okay

Here is a video in OpenOffice Writer 3.0 that shows how to add notes, edit notes, delete notes, change the authors name in the notes, navigate and print notes