Creating Curves
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Creating Curves

Select the Curve tool. The first example is a curve tool that is empty, no fill. Each time you click the mouse it creates a turning point for drawing. This makes it easy to create a design with unique shapes. You will not be able to fill this empty shape until the shape is closed.

Once you close the shape you will have the choice to fill it or leave it invisible. Notice in this example that Invisible shows in the fill window. If you change the fill window from Invisible to Color, Gradient, hatching or Bitmap you will then have those fill options. Then simply choose the color, bitmap, etc, that you need.

When the curve tool that is filled is used, simply begin your shape, changing directions of the shape with each click and then double click the shape when you are done. The double click will complete your shape so it is closed automatically and then fill with the selected color, etc.

Two polygon tools are available that can be used with the fill option or not. The polygon tools permit only straight lines, though the tools will create irregular shapes.

The Freeform tools provide the ability to create any shape and are used for basic drawing freehand.