Snapping Objects to a Grid
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Snapping Objects to a Grid

The grid is used to position objects so that you have the dimensions necessary for your project. It helps you align objects and draw straight lines. Here is an example. If you look close you can see the dots of the grid as it is visible. Now whenever you move the image it snaps to the grid that you have set up.



If you choose Tools / Options and Grid you will get a dialog box that allows you to configure the grid to meet your needs.


The option bar allows you to make quick adjustments to the grid that you have set up.

You have two show functions, the Show Grid and the Show Snap Lines. These options are visible using the View-Grid selection.


The Guides when moving icon helps guide movement of the object with lines.

The guide lines become evident when the object moves.


To view all of the grid option choose View-Toolbars-Options.

The other options if you want to use a grid are Snap to Grid, Snap to Snap Lines, Snap to Page Margins, Snap to Object Border and Snap to Object Points.