Character Formatting Window
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Character Formatting Window


The Character Formatting Window can be opened by choosing “Format” from the Menu Bar and then selecting “Character”. You use this window to format text that you have selected. Highlight the text, make sure that you do not select open space as well because it will format open or empty space with the text. There are a lot of options within this window, as it is a very powerful tool. The first tab provides fonts, sizes, typeface, and language options.


Font Effects provides ways to create underlining and strikethroughs. The underling provides a way to change the color of the underline as well. In addition, effects such as Capitals, lowercase, embossing and relief are available.



The Position tab provides normal, subscript and superscript text as well as the percentage to raise or lower text and the font size difference for the font in the subscript and superscript.



Now let's look at several other text options. Open a new drawing and choose the text icon and type “My Drawing“ using the plain text.

If you want to make changes to your text all of the formatting tools that we have discussed for objects such as rotation work the same way with text. Here is an example of rotation.


By highlighting your text and then choosing a background color you instantly change the background of the text area.

Also by highlighting your text you can change how the text fits in the frame. Choose Format-Text and you can force the text to fit the size of the frame. The Text attribute window provides this option in addition to Fit width to text, fit height to text and fit text to frame. The options for spacing of the text from the frame are in this window also.


Notice that you not only control where the Text is anchored but you have the option to determine spacing to borders on each side.

Text animation is provided in the text animation tab. You can actually animate text in your document. This of course has a powerful element for readers. In terms of effects you can choose from blink, scroll through, scroll back and forth, and scroll in. You have a choice of directions and how it will cycle.