Formatting Lines
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Formatting Lines

Lines can quickly be formatted by selecting the line that you want from the icon on the Toolbar and then making modifications from the object bar. In this example, the line was selected, drawn on the page and then one end was clicked to rotate it in 45 degree angle. The object bar provides a selector for arrow ends, the second icon from the left and line selector which will allow you to choose solid or dotted lines, a thickness list and finally the color of the line can be chosen.


The Object Bar provides quick changes to any lines that yo may have. Another option is to choose the Line icon, the first icon on the left, which will open a dialog box for making modifications.


Highlight the line then choose Format-Line and the Line Attributes Window will give you more options with a preview at the bottom of the window to indicate the impact of your changes. The line tab allows you to make changes to the line style and the ends on the arrow. The line color, width and transparency are options for line properties with the choice of line style. The arrows, what's on the end of the line, can be configured from this window as well.



The line style tab gives you the opportunity to create your own line styles or modify existing ones. The width, type, length and spacing are all options you have to work with.