Manipulating Objects
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Manipulating Objects

Once you have the objects in place you will want to modify their shape to fit your needs. Select an object then select the Effects icon on the Toolbar. When you do this the red balls will appear around the object and you will see options for effects. If you choose the rotate option select a red ball and rotate the object to meet your needs.




Another interesting manipulation that you can do to an image is to adjust the transparency. Select the image and choose the transparency tool in Effects. You will see two boxes appear one dark and one white. As you rotate these boxes you will change the transparency of the object. Notice in the example that the area around the dark box is darker than the area around the white box.


When you choose the Effects icon and then Distort you are able to make shape changes to the objects that you have by pulling on the boxes that surround the object, see the example above.


Another option is to highlight your object then to choose Format / Position and Size and select the Rotation tab. Here we have changed the rotation to 55 degrees.


The pivot point may be altered to change the rotation as well.

As you make changes to the object you do have the option to protect the ratio and size of the object. These settings are found under the Position and Size tab when yo choose Format / Position and Size. The base point for making changes is available for change under the Position and Size tab. When you choose the Slant and Radius tab you can round corners of square objects by entering a radius or putting the object on a slant angle of your choice.