Page Setup
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Page Setup


The Format should coincide with the print format or the presentation format that you will use. Be sure to check the width and height so that they also match. The orientation should be chosen for Portrait or Landscape.

Set your margins at this point so that you do not have to come back and recreate your image because margins need to be

One of the options you have is to add a background to the page. Don't confuse this with changing an area of the object as area refers only to the selected region of the drawing. When you choose Format / Page there is a tab that is for altering the background of the page. There are five options to the background as you can see in the image. When you select the radio button for one of them you are given options in lower part of the box and an example of what it will look like in the right hand side. Both Color and Gradient are simply choices that are implemented on selection. When you choose Hatching you not only have the option to insert the Hatching option but you can also include a color background. Once you make your selection and choose “OK” you will be asked if you want to do it for all pages. If your project will have the same for all pages of course you would say yes, however in most situations you will be working with a single drawing so you would choose no.