Create a Draw Project
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Create a Draw Project


Once you begin to get an idea about how the toolbars work the best way to become familiar with Draw is to create a project. Choose a rounded edge rectangle from the Flowcharts icon at the bottom of the page and change the color to blue by choosing Format and Area after we have selected the rectangle. The next step is to choose Format and Line increasing the line width to .08 and choosing black as the line color as well as continuous. By selecting the Text icon and then clicking inside the rectangle we type the words “The Office”. Now double click your text and choose Format and Character. Select a font and size toe fit the window and any font effects you may want. You then find that the text is formated to fill the rectangle and is much more readable.

Now add a 3D pyramid. By clicking on the 3D icon, remember to choose View-Toolbars-3D Objects, you can choose the pyramid and then create your image on the drawing. You can change the color with the color selector on the object bar.

Rotate the pyramid by choosing the effects icon and clicking the rotate button. Now click and hold one of the red buttons to rotate the object.

Now by choosing the line icon and clicking on the line with a ball on one end and an arrow on the other end we insert that into the image. Go up to the object bar and select the line style and width that fits your needs.

Once you have configured your line the arrow can be moved at any angle by selecting either small rectangle at an end and rotate the arrow direction the way you want it to go.

The arrow will move to the location of the dotted line.

Now insert an ellipse over the top of the pyramid. The result is that the object you want to be viewed is covered by the ellipse. When you select the ellipse and then click on the arrange icon you can choose different arrangements so that the pyramid is in front.



Create and additional rectangle and type “The Boss” inside this rectangle. Now connect the two with a connector. Notice that the red dots or rectangles are change points for how the connector is manipulated.


This is a great tool for creating a flow chart.

Create another rectangle with the words “The Workers” and use a connector to connect it with “The Boss”. You should now have 3 rectangles that are not in a line and should be organized better. Go to Edit and click Select All. Now choose the Alignment icon and choose the alignment that fits your needs.



This is the before and after of the alignment of objects.


With this quick review you should be able to start with Draw and either create an image or modify what you have.