Creating Objects
Desktop Apps Training - Draw

Using the toolbar to Create Objects


Draw in 5 Minutes

Draw provides new ways to function quickly. The first and most obvious is more intuitive icons with better placement of icons in the work area. If you want to work effectively with OpenOffice Draw, learn which each icon represents and modify your toolbars to reflect those icons that you will use.


The new icons for new shapes at the bottom of the page provide quick intuitive access to the shapes you want.

The toolbar is used to create various kinds of objects. You can create rectangles, ellipses, 3D objects, create text and connect them using lines. Each icon that you click on will open a small window providing additional options.

For example, the zoom icon will provide more options like zoom in, zoom out and zoom 100% when it is clicked.

The Text icon is simplified so you choose text to use it in a frame or in an ellipse, callout etc. The rectangle icon and ellipse tools are simplified so that you no longer have spheres with or without color. By default they are inserted with color if you want to remove all color you choose invisible on the color option.

Objects may be filled with color, made invisible, use a gradient, hatching or a bitmap.

3D objects are quickly created by choosing the 3D icon and then selecting the object that fits your needs. The 3D toolbar must be turned on to see it , go to View-Toolbars-3D Objects.

Curves allow you to insert objects with curved surfaces freehand. This feature is much smoother than in OpenOffice 1.

Lines and arrows are inserted using the line icon. Notice you can choose between arrows on one end or both ends to fit your needs.

If you want to use advanced connections the connectors icons reveals a multitude of options, including lines that you can format to connect objects that are not in a straight line.

The effects icon gives you a quick way to rotate, flip, distort to create transparencies with the click of the mouse.

The alignment icon makes a quick method of selecting and then aligning your objects.

The arrange icon will allow you to move objects in front or behind other objects when they overlap.

New shapes are easy to find and use.

You can insert graphs, OLE objects, graphics, spreadsheets, plug-ins, applets, etc with the insert icon.