Create Personal Budget Project
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Create Personal Budget Project

This project provides a way to create a personal budget program that allows you to add and take away from your personal budget, while seeing how much money is left over through charts and figures. You will also be able to see how much money is being spent in each category over a total year.

Set up the spreadsheet with the appropriate categories.

Click in the cell where the total budget number will go. Then select the total SUM button. Now select the total cells in the range to be added.

Here you can see the selected range of the cells.

Next insert the monthly headings that are needed then insert the monthly values.

Edit your spreadsheet so that it is compact and that you have all the categories that are wanted. Also use the SUM function to add the primary and secondary incomes so that you have a total income line. To delete rows or columns right click on the line and click delete.

Highlight the data that you would like in the chart.

Go to Insert on the Menu bar and then go to Chart. Click chart and the first page of the wizard will appear. Notice in the range are the selected cells that will produce the data that the chart uses. Also you can use the first row of cells in the selected area to be labels. Click next after you are finished.

The next step allows you to select which type of chart you want. In this example the horizontal bar chart was selected. You can also click the “show text elements in preview” box and that will allow the user to view how the chart will look.

The next screen allows the user to choose how the bars in the graph will look.

This the last step in the chart project. This will allow you to put a chart title and legend on the chart. Also you can put titles for the x and y axis.