Employee Time Sheet Project
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Employee Time Sheet Project

The purpose of this project is to create an Employee Time Sheet that will calculate time for employees on the days they work. Create a Title for the sheet by increasing the font to 16 from the default.

First set up your columns and rows with the appropriate headings

Next put the cursor in the box in which the total value will be displayed. Then type as the picture shows for the SUM. Or click on the total areas and choose the SUM symbol.

This allows for the totals of box B3 through B9 to be added and displayed in box B10. After the value is displayed in the box, single click the box and put the pointer on the lower right hand corner of the box.

Click on this and drag it horizontally in a straight line to the total area below Sunday.

Notice that it put the totals of the columns in the totals boxes. What you are doing is copying the formula into the other boxes. This allows the user to only have to type the formula out once, and then copy it to other areas of the spreadsheet.

Next point the selection tool to a box in the totals row and click it, where you want the total amount of hours worked in a week to appear.

Then click the SUM button. After this button is clicked, the next step is to select the cells that are to be added up. This is just another way to add cells together.

In this picture the function is showing which cells are being summed up.

Now type in a new heading that allows the user to put in the per hour pay. You can see in the picture below.

The next step is to format the cells so that they show currency instead of just numbers. First select the cell to be formated. Then go to Format on the menu bar, and select Cells. You can also hold down Ctrl + 1. The picture below will show up next.


The cell should change to the selected format.

Next select the formated cell and click and drag it into the other cell that need to be formated with the same currency format.

Next create a total wages box; in my example the total wages column is in column J. Then use the same formula to get the total wages for each person.

Add up all the total wages for each person.

Then divide it by the number of people working. Look how the formula is used in the example below. It adds the cells up I2:I6, this means sum of I2 through I6. Then it uses the / sign. Which means it divides it by 5 in this case.

The result of this project is that you have one sheet that gives you a summary of each employees hours, their wage, the total amount each employee made and a total of all hours and total spent on wages by the company.