Inserting Graphics
Desktop Apps Training - Calc

Click Tools on the Menu Bar and then Options and Charts. You will see the option for changing default colors. Each Data Series has a color that you can change.


Inserting Graphics

If you wanted to insert a graphic with your sheet you need to select Insert from the Menu Bar and then Picture-From File, because the file is saved somewhere on your hard drive. The preview window will allow you to check the image before you insert it. Click OK.


When you insert a graphic you can move it simply with drag and drop or you can double click the image for formatting options of the image. One option you can use is resizing the image. You will probably want to keep it proportional by clicking “keep Proportional” so that you do not destroy the image.


Insert a Graphic


Another option is that you can use the interface to anchor your image to an object in your document. If you right click the image you will be able to flip your image vertically or horizontally.