Modify Charts
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Modify Charts


When you look at the chart above one thing that is frustrating is that the labels for each item are crunched together. If you double click the X axis for example, you can modify how it looks. In the example the even labels have been staggered so that they are readable. You have the option to rotate the text as well by degrees.

Here is the change.

By choosing the Font Effects tab you will be able to add effects to your labels.

The Characters tab allows you to make changes to font size and typeface. It also has a preview window.

The Line tab shows you how to change the line characteristics of the X axis. Not only can you change if a line has a break, but also the width and color of the line can be changed here. It can be done for the Y axis as well if you double click the y axis.

Each Line has the option of Style so that you may be able to differentiate whether you have a continuous line or use another option.


If you double click the chart, the area of the chart can be modified. The lines can be modified in the Lines tab. Style, color, width and transparency can all be changed in this window. You can easily fine tune all of the settings on an individual axis, a chart wall or the chart area.

The Area tab allows you to change the background color, use gradient, hatching or a bitmap.

Here you see the changes made to the area of the chart.

Here is an example of a bitmap with transparency.

The Transparency tab determines the color intensity and will also provide gradient, angles and borders.