Calc Templates
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Templates are groupings of specific styles that you have created so that you can use them over and over. Just to be clear, in contrast to templates Styles are groupings of settings. Templates can be created for anything, but common uses are reports, research data, etc. One major difference between Styles and Templates is that templates can contain text, images, and settings.


Using Templates

Actually, you use a template each time you start writer, the Standard template is what you see when you open a new sheet. However, if you would like to make changes to the Standard template that is easy to do.


Making Changes

If you want to make font changes to the Standard template choose Tools, Options, Charts. Now you see the options that you can modify for your opening template. When you choose view for example you have a lot of options on how your sheet will look.

OpenOffice Calc Template


You can also click the Default button at the bottom of the page to restore system defaults.