Using Calc Styles
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The advantage of using styles to do your formatting is that it is quick. Styles can save you a lot of time if you are working with spreadsheets on a daily basis. Styles will give your work a consistent look and feel as each cell is automatically configured how it should be.


To show the Styles and Formatting button or choose Format-Styles and Formatting.


When you view the Stylist you see buttons at the top, cell styles or page styles. When you click on the button you will see available styles. Here the cell styles are listed. To try the available styles out, click on a cell with text and then double click Default.


The Default cell style is shown. Now double click Heading1 style.


The power of styles becomes very clear in that in an instant you have changed your text and cell properties dramatically. This creates a situation where you could easily create a default style for a particular kind of setting that you use often.


Styles and Formatting