Format Page
Desktop Apps Training - Calc

There are a number of options to enable you to format the page in how it will look. By going to Format on the Menu Bar and choosing Page you will have access to the page settings. When you click the Page tab you will be able to set up paper settings.



OpenOffice Calc Formatting the Page


Set the margins you would like. You can also tell the program from which paper tray you would like to use paper. Also, you have layout settings that enable you to create a “Right and Left” which means that these pages can be different or you can mirror the pages or choose only right or only left. Table alignment can be set to be horizontal or vertical.


The Borders tab will give you options for placing borders around the page. Shadow style allows you to create a position, regulate the distance and color of a shadow. Spacing allows you to determine how much space between data and the borders.


By clicking the Background tab you will be able select to a color for your document.