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Personally, one thing I continually hope for is software that can effectively manage more than one of my tasks. Using Konqueror as a file manager is great but transitioning into a webpage from the same application was what got me hooked. Besides being a complete web browser and file manager Konqueror offer KIO plugins that enhance your web/file browsing beyond that of your everyday browser.

Launching with KDE 2.0 back in June, 2000, the Konqueror application has matured into quite the application. Konqueror is the default file manager of KDE and preforms all of its file managing tasks quite well. Some of these tasks include navigating the filesystem, file and folder copying, renaming, and application launching.It is easy to forget that this application doubles as a web browser as well.

 After opening the Konqueror file manager you should see a menu bar across the top that includes Location --- Edit --- View --- Go --- Bookmarks --- Tools --- Settings --- Window --- Help. The location option allows us to specify options like opening new windows, tabs, and locations while Edit allows us to cut, copy, paste, and find next, or previous. You can use View to change the window position options and Go to open a specific location like Home, Network Folders or Trash. Users can also Bookmark and Open the terminal from the Konqueror file manager menu bar.


 Below the menu bar is the toolbar which includes icons for navigating, refreshing, printing, finding, and locking.  The location bar contains the location of of the files or folders you are browsing. Or if you are using then Konqueror web functionality just type in the URL and you may navigate from page to page the location being displayed in the window.

 If you click on Settings Configure Konqueror you can customize the way the Konqueror looks and behaves. Once this window has been open the categories for the changes can be found on the left side of the window. They includes behavior, appearence, previews and meta-data, file association, web behavior, javscript, ad block filters, fonts, web shortcuts, history sidebar, cookies, cache, proxy, style sheets, browser identification, plugins,  and performance. After selecting a category the options for the selected category will appear on the right side of the window. As you can see the arrangements of features and options is endless with the Konqueror file manager.


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