Desktop Apps Training - gThumb
The gThumb Image viewer is an application that runs on the Gnome desktop allowing you to browse thumbnails of the images on your hard drive. gThumb takes a variety of file formats and turns them into manageable thumbnail icons. File formats like JPEG, GIF, GIF animation, PNG, and more. In addition to the multitude of file format options gThumb also offers a good selection of useful features including image comments, catalogs, print images, view slide show, and set as background just to name a few.
Upon loading gThumb a few different areas of the screen are available. A standard menubar appears across the top of the screen and holds all of the commands for gThumb. The toolbar appears beneath the menubar and it contains a collection of icons that for quick access to commonly used commands like folders, catalogs, full screen, slide show, search, comment, categories, and rotate images. Below the toolbar and to the left a location bar shows us what the name of the selected folder is. Below that is a folder list and to the right an image display area. Across the bottom the status bar tells us total number of images in the current folder and their total size, number of selected images and their size, and properties of the currently focused image.
On the menubar click Edit --- Preferences
Here we can access five different tabs. The first tab, labeled General, allows us to change interface startup and other general options. Under the Browser tab we can change many browser options including hide/show of filenames, comment, and thumbnails. Viewer gives us options like zoom quality, transparency type, and after loading an image we can specify how to display the viewer. The Slide Show tab allows us to set delay settings, direction, fading effects and more. We also have the Hot keys tabs which has a list of existing hot keys that can be changed by clicking in the field.
Under the File option on the menubar notice that you can write directly to CD. This is actually a link to the CD/DVD creator folder, which allows you to first choose if you want to burn the entire folder or just selected images for gThumb. After selecting this option and verifying your images show in the display window, click the Write to Disc button in the top right hand corner of the display window. This option allows you to easily make a back up of your favorite photo collection.