New Version of CheckGmail
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After waiting 6 months for a new release, on January 19, 2008, Linux users were introduced to a fresh new version of CheckGmail which serves as a great replacement for Gmail Notifier and similar programs. CheckGmail version 1.13 gives users security, more control, and uses Atom feeds for bandwidth efficiency.

Ubuntu users can install CheckGmail by using the command sudo apt-get install checkgmail. If you need installation help look into some of the commands and it'll save you some time and frustration. After you've installed CheckGmail into your Linux system you'll automatically be asked to set some CheckGmail preferences.

In the top left hand corner of the CheckGmail preferences window you can enter username and password and click the check box to remember the password.


If you want to specify how often the inbox is scanned for new mail you can do this under the Mail Checking option.

mail checking

Under the language header you can select from a growing number of languages.


Here you can execute commands so that things happen when you have new email, or don't.

At the bottom among other options i was able to set pop up time for messages and match the tray background with a use-able color.

new mail popup time


After selecting your preferences and clicking OK in the bottom right corner, you should be able to select Applications_Internet_Check Gmail. Next you'll see the Gmail icon on your desktop toolbar.

If your inbox is empty you''ll see this: no mail gmail icon

If you have mail the icon will turn red: you've got mail

If you mouse over the Gmail icon on the toolbar you will see a pop up message with message text, sender info and many options.

pop up message

Options you now normally have only in your inbox or email program shown right on your desktop. These options include Open, Mark as read, Mark all as read, Archive, Report Spam, and Delete. In addition to this you can also see the subject, sender and the first sentence or two of the message.

Right clicking on the Gmail icon results in this menu that allows you to check mail, undo, compose, preferences, and close CheckGmail.

right click

Double clicking the icon will take you to your Gmail account at

Some people still prefer to use Gmails pop3 system and access mail through an email client like Evolution or Thunderbird but i like the idea that the instant i get a new message i am notified with my own custom sound or other action. The other thing i could get used to very easily is being able to delete files from my inbox etc. If you use Gmail and have tried previous notification methods i think it's at least worth a try.