Desktop Apps Training - GIMP

The Resize Tool

Following are the steps to take to resizing images. Notice that the same tool is used as when cropping an image. There is a slight difference between cropping and resizing.

In the Crop and Resize Options Box, a user is able to use the Tool Toggle options to choose if they want to Crop the image or Resize the image.

Notice in this example Resize has been chosen.

The choice is available to Resize the Current Layer Only or to allow or disallow enlarging of the image.

As soon as resizing begins, the Gimp program automatically prompts the Crop and Resize Information Box.

This box allows the viewing of the coordinates and size of the section that is under construction. In this example the numbers that are being displayed are in pixels (notice the “px” to the right of the numbers). These units can vary. A user can also use percentages, inches, millimeters, and more.

By clicking “From Selection” in the information box, Gimp will automatically resize according the any selected region .

The “Auto Shrink” option will coordinate the resizing to the color scheme that is inside the resized area. Finally, click “Resize” when you are finished.

Finally after the resizing process is done, notice that the outcome looks very similar to when the image was cropped.

The difference between cropping and resizing is that when when cropping an image, the final product is not changeable.


With resizing an image, the rectangular display on the screen can be changed because the rest of the image was saved. From this point a user would be able to move the rectangle around to different spots of the original image.