Move Tool
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The Move Tool

The Move Tool, located to the right of the Measuring Tool in the Gimp Toolbox, is used for moving Layers, Selections, or Paths.

To move one of these options in the program click the mouse on the Layer, Selection, or Path and drag it to the desired area on the canvas.

In the Move Options Box, there are three affects choices. This option allows the user to be able to move Layers, Selections, or Paths. Right now the “Layer” option is selected.

The Tool Toggle section of the Move Options Box contains two choices. Pick a layer to move or move the current layer that is under construction.

In the example, the single layer is moved up and to the right.

Once again the action is performed by selecting the Move Tool in the Gimp Toolbox and then clicking anywhere on the image. Once this is done , the image is able to be moved to a desired location.

By selecting a region on the image and then clicking on the selection affect in the Move Options Box, only the selected region cold be moved on the image.