Desktop Apps Training - GIMP


The Measure Tool

The Measure Tool, in the Gimp Toolbox, lets users measure three different aspects on the specified region of the image: Distance, Pixels, and Angles.

To Measure a spot on the image,click and drag to the desired area.

In the Measure Options Box, there is only one toggle box. The option lets the user allow or disallow the measurement information window.

Here, in the example, a measurement line was created at random to show how this process works.

The line length and the angle shown in the picture will be displayed only until the user clicks to measure again, or switch to a different tool.

This is the information window that can be turned on in the Measure Options Box.

This dialog box provides the user with the exact lengths and angle measurements of the line and angle that is in the image.

When this box is allowed to appear, it will automatically do so as soon as the user starts measuring a distance and angle.