Desktop Apps Training - GIMP

The Magnify Tool

The Magnify Tool in the Gimp Toolbox is used to zoom in and out of a specific image that is being manipulated in the program.

With this tool users are able to shrink down the size of the entire image, or blow the image up without loosing any of the image quality.

In the Magnify Options Box, a user is able to toggle between Allowing and Disallowing for Window Resizing when changing the size of the image. When this function is allowed, the size of the window will correlate with the size of the magnification.

Next choose whether or not to Zoom in or out of the image.

Finally set the threshold.

Here, in the example, notice that the choice was to zoom in, in the Magnify Options Box. Four clicks of the mouse took the image from 25% to 100%.

Notice that also the disallowed window resizing was selected.

This is why the window is still the same size as when the process began to magnify.

Note: Wherever the mouse is when clicked to zoom in will be the center point of the image when viewed after magnification.