Color Picker
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The Color Picker Tool

The Color Picker Tool, in the Gimp Toolbox, allows users to choose a specific color from any image that is being displayed in Gimp, and use that color to set foreground or background color.

Clicking and dragging will display all the colors that the mouse is going over as a scan is run across the image.

In the Color Picker Options Box, a user has the ability to sample the average of the color choices and set the radius on that average.


Also the user can toggle between the Sample Merged Option.

In the Pick Mode Category of the Color Picker Options Box, users are able to Pick Only (only view the color that you have picked), Set Foreground Color (whatever color that is selected automatically gets sent to the set Foreground Color), or Set Background Color (whatever color that is selected automatically gets sent to the set Background Color).

This is the Color Picker Dialog Box. This Window automatically appears after clicking on an image in the Gimp program.

From the example image in the upper right hand corner, it is obvious the color picker was used to select a color from a blue region in the sky.

This Dialog Box provides useful information such as Pixel Values, Red; Green; and Blue values, and also the Hex code for the color that was chosen.