Shape Selection
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The Shape Selection Tool

The Shape Selection Tool (also known as the Scissors Tool), located second from the right at the top most portion of the Gimp Toolbox, is much like the Free-Hand Tool in Gimp.

The only difference between the two tools is that with the Shape Selection Tool, the lines are connected to enclose and select a shape, instead of clicking and dragging with the Free-Hand Tool.

In the Scissors Options Box, choose between the four basic mode options. They are; replace the current selection, add to the current selection, subtract from the current selection, or intersect with the current selection.

Users are also able to feather the edges of the selection, and set the radius of the feathered edges.

A user can toggle between showing the Interactive Boundary of the selection as well.


Here in the example examine the single connecting dots that have been made to select the green pasture.

When connecting these dots one by one, the line between the dots automatically conform with the desired shape, in which the user is trying to select.