Selection by Color Tool
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The Selection by Color Tool

The Selection by Color Tool, located towards the top left of the Gimp Toolbox, allows a user to select sections of the image they are working on by color.

After clicking one time on a specific color in the image, Gimp automatically selects the rest of that color that is in the image.

In the Select By Color Option Box, all of the basic selection modes are still available. They are; replace the current selection, add to the current selection, subtract from the current selection, or intersect with the current selection.

Feathering the edges is also still an option with this type of selection tool.




The Finding Similar Colors portion of the Select By Color Option Box is the exact same choices of the Fuzzy Selection Option Box. Users are able to choose to Select Transparent Areas, and also set a Threshold for you selection.

Here, the example shows clicks on the exact same spot as in the Contiguous Region Selection example. Notice the difference between the two examples. Here, all of the clouds are selected.

With the Select By Color Tool, all of the white on the clouds was selected just by clicking only one of them.