The Fuzzy Selection Tool
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The Contiguous Regions Selection Tool

The Contiguous Regions Selection Tool also known as the Fuzzy Selection Tool, located on the top-middle portion of the Gimp Toolbox, enables the user to perform a selection by clicking on a certain spot of an image. Then Gimp selects contiguous regions automatically from where the clicks occurred.

In the Fuzzy Select Options of the Contiguous Regions Selection Tool, again, the same mode options exist as in all of the previous selection tools. Which are; replace the current selection, add to the current selection, subtract from the current selection, or intersect with the current selection.

Feathering the edges of the selection is again an option for this tool. The next option section of the Fuzzy Select Options Box is the Finding Similar Colors segment. Here, the user is able to Select Transparent Areas or toggle between Sample Merged. In addition, the user can set the Threshold of the automatic selection.


By single clicking on one of the white clouds in the sky, automatically, Gimp selects the contiguous region associated with the area that was clicked.

Once again, after selection of this area the user is able to manipulate the selection by using the basic Gimp editing tools.