Free-Hand Selection Tool
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The Free-Hand Selection Tool

The Free-Hand Selection Tool, located in the top-middle portion of the Gimp Toolbox, provides a way to actually select a region in the image by drawing the selection, by clicking and dragging across the image. Using the Free-Hand Selection Tool provides options when an image is irregular in shape.

In the Free Select Options Box, there are the same modes provided as with with the Rectangular and Elliptical Selection Tools. They are replace the current selection, add to the current selection, subtract from the current selection, or intersect with the current selection. By default, the mode that is set when the user begins working with the tool is replaced by the current selection.

The option to Feather the edges of the selection is also provided. Setting the radius is available underneath the Feather Edges toggle box.

Here the example demonstrates an attempt to draw the selection around the green pasture in the middle of the image.

After the selection is specified, then use the many manipulation tools to edit the selection.