The Elliptical Tool
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The Elliptical Selection Tool

The Elliptical Selection Tool, next to the Rectangular Selection Tool in the Gimp Toolbox, can be used to select elliptical regions of the image that you are working on.

The Mode section of the Options Box that comes with the Elliptical Selection Tool allows replacement of the current selection, add to the current selection, subtract from the current selection, or intersect with the current selection, much like the Rectangular Selection Tool.

Also there is the option to Feather the Edges or toggle with the Auto Shrink Selection. Free Select, Fixed Size, and Fixed Aspect Ratio control the shape and size of the selection .

Note: The options for the Rectangular Selection Tool and the Elliptical Selection Tool are identical.

Here the selected area is an elliptical region in the image. From this point the user is able to manipulate the image any way that they choose.

This selection may be inverted, rotated, resized, flipped, or transformed among many other editing tools.