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GCstar version 1.3.0 works very well for managing personal collections. GCstar has build in presets for managing a board-game, book, music, movie, numismatic, video game, or wine collection. You can also create your own new collection type. A few features that are included in the newest version of GCstar are modification of multiple selections at the same time, board game collection preset, improved look for picture mode with effects included, keyword tagging, users can change date format, and also a spell checker has been included. In my opinion these features just enhance an already ground-breaking piece of software. Keeping collected media and other things organized is essential and not just for play time. Media such as music and books is often used during times of productivity and GCstar is there to bring this media to me in an organized way allowing me to move on and continue working.

Once you've installed the program on your system and started it from the menu you'll see this window when the program begins. Here we need to specify the type of collection we would like to create.

collection type

I have selected Books collection. After making this selection we see the GCstar program open with no books in your collection. Notice at the top a toolbar that looks like this.


On the toolbar we can add a new book, save collection, change preferences, find books, view all books, and by clicking on the tonight icon you can access a random book from the collection.


By clicking on the Add button on the left side of the toolbar will automatically give us options for adding a book to the collection. We can enter a title, publication date, series, language, pages, authors, genre, and description. We can add more things about our book under the tabs details, and lending and view assigned tags under the tags tab. After we are finished the book in our collection should change from New book to the title you've entered.


If we click on the preferences icon on the toolbar we see many options for change the way GCstar looks and behaves. Under the Main tab, users can change the language, and skin of GCstar. With the Display tab article and information display can be specified. Under paths users can pick application and image paths. Data import and email settings are located under the internet tab and features such as splash screen, delete item confirmation, and auto-save collection.

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