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The little things are, in the end, what makes the difference between web browsing and having an online experience. Chances are much greater that you'll enjoy you're time online more with features like a new star bookmarking system, auto-complete location bar, smart bookmark folder, places organizer, and much more from Firefox 3.0.

The New Star Button

On the right side of the Firefox 3.0 location bar a star appears. A left click on the star staricon allows you to add bookmarks straight from the location bar. After the link is added the star turns yellow.bookmark added Click the star twice and a menu shows where we can name our bookmark, choose the bookmark folder, and add or delete tags to associate with our bookmark.This makes sorting bookmarks by topic a snap.



Auto-Complete on Location Bar

The location bar is is the thin white strip with the web URL inside of it towards the top of the browser window.

auto complete location bar

With Firefox 3.0 I can see similar pages as I'm typing into the location bar. This feature takes search prediction to the next level with recognition of tags and titles too. Below is an example of how detailed the drop down box is.

auto complete drop down


Smart Bookmark Folder

The Smart Bookmark folder appears on the left side of the Bookmark Toolbar.

smart bookmark menu

After Left clicking on the Smart Bookmarks icon you can choose from Most Visited, Recently Bookmarked, and Recently Tags depending on what you're looking for.


The Places Organizer

Now you can view, search, and organize your way through all of your bookmarks, tags, and browser history with the Places Organizer. The Places Organizer also offers a variety of views and smart folders to store your most frequent searches.

places organizer


Web-based protocol Handlers

This means that finally we can use web based applications such as yahoo, gmail, hotmail, ect for handling mailto: links.


Download Actions Easily

The Applications preferences pane is new and improved giving users a better UI for configuring handlers for various file types and protocol schemes.


Sure Firefox 3.0 offers an onslaught of features but one unique fact about these ground breaking features we've seen from Firefox lately is that a good portion of them are a result of suggestions from users, testers and developers. Mozilla Firefox seems committed to creating a quality browser experience with users a top priority.