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The newest releases of Firefox have given us some huge security improvements. These new security features/upgrades include One-click site info, Malware Protection, Web Forgery Protection page, SSL error pages, Add-ons and Plugin version check, Secure add-on updates, Anti-virus integration, Vista Parental Controls, Effective top-level domain, and cross-site JSON data leaks. Not only does Firefox 3.0 offer this gunship of protection, it also makes securing easier with things like replacing the old password dialog with an information bar so users can save passwords after a successful login.


One-click site info

To access One-click site info, simply mouse over and click on the favorite icon in the location bar.


Here we have an example of the one-click site info feature. This page doesn't supply identify information and is not encrypted. We can also select tell me more about this web site which brings up page security info.Here is an example of a site that displays its identity, is verified by VeriSign, Inc. and offers encryption to prevent eavesdropping.



Malware Protection

With Firefox 3.0 if you travel to a site that is dangerous or known to install viruses, trojans, spyware and other Malware, you'll be warned and given the option to leave. provides a test link so we can see what this looks like. Below is an image that shows the warning message and "get me out of here" button.



Web Forgery Protection Page

In addition to Malware, Firefox 3.0 protects you from suspected forgery sites too. has developed a test page for this forgery protection feature as well.



New SSL error pages

Now Firefox comes with strict, clear and more precise SSL error pages. Below is an example of the image shown when Firefox encounters an invalid SSL certificate.


Also keep in mind that you can add an exception by click on the text at the bottom of the image above.



Automatic Add-ons and Plugin version check

Firefox 3.0 automatically checks to see if any newer versions of add-ons or extensions are available. If so, Firefox 3.0 updates existing files and disables and old or insecure files.


Also, any insecure add-on updates will be disabled, this improves the add-on update security.


Anti Virus integration

Another security feature worth noting is anti virus integration. Users benefit by having their anti virus program notified when downloading executables.

antivirus integration

Support for Vista Parental Controls

Previous versions of Firefox failed to include complete support for the often praised Vista Parental Control. Firefox 3.0 allows full support of the Vista crackdown.


Effective Top-Level Domain

Having an effective top-level domain better restricts cookies and other content to a single domain.This feature is new for Firefox 3.0 Beta 2.


JSON Data Leaks

Recently concern has been placed on the extreme flexibility of JavaScript to the point of redefining some of the most basic objects such as "array" "object". The Mozilla team committed to help fix the issue and implemented it into the Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 version.