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Firefox 3.0 offers a variety of fixes, features and improvements over both its previous versions and the competition. After 28 months of development the new Gecko 1.9 Web rendering platform has Firefox 3.0 off to a good start. Also increased security, ease of use, and personality features aren't hurting it either. You can Download a beta 2 version of Firefox 3.0 at the website in 25 different languages.

The first step of installing Firefox 3.0 is download it. Select save to disk. I've chosen to download it to the Desktop


Next we see the firefox-3.ob2.tar.bz2 file download status


Here our file appears on the Desktop.


Once the firefox-3.ob2.tar.bz2 file has been downloaded to the Desktop, open the Terminal, in Ubuntu 7.10 you can do this by selecting Applications-Accessories-Terminal.


Now you can use the commands below to extract the firefox-3.ob2.tar.bz2 file. Next enter the root password.


Now the Terminal should display the files being unpackaged similar to the image below.


Now we need to change the file owner and access permissions by using the code below.


Next close all programs and restart your system. After restarting open the Terminal by selecting Applications-Accessories-Terminal


Firefox 3.0 may ask you if you'd like to make it your default browser. You can check the option box and have Firefox always check to make sure it is the default web browser.


If you have any questions or are having problems with the Firefox 3.0 install post your questions in the BeginLinux Forum.