F-Spot Videos
Desktop Apps Training - F-spot Photo Manager

 This photo management application simplifies photography bringing you an easily managed photo collection on your Gnome desktop. F-Spot photo manager allows you to import your favorite photos from your hard drive, camera or iPod. Best of all once you've imported your photos you can quickly edit your photo by removing red eye, cropping, adjusting colors and more. Here we have a collection of video tutorials to help us better understand the basics of F-Spot.

 In this first F-Spot video we review the different views available and how to change them using the view option on the top main menu.

 Using tags in the F-Spot photo manager allows you to easily organize a large collection of photos. This video describes adding tags to existing images and creating new tags.
 Importing photos into F-Spot photo manager can be quick and easy. This video walks you through to process of importing photos from another folder on your hard drive.
Extensions bring F-Spot tools and features that aren't available in the standard application. This video focuses on adding the (Export .zip)extension and using if after installation.
 Once photos have been imported into F-Spot they may be edited with the tools provided in Edit Image mode. This video is an overview of the options and editing tools available in F-Spot photo manager.