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Accessing your Gmail inbox may not be a difficult task but its one extra thing you don't need to do if you use Evolution or other E-mail clients. Follow this quick tutorial and you can load your Gmail inbox contents right into your Evolution E-mail client with hardly any configuring at all.

When you choose to run Evolution for the first time you should see this welcome message.

welcome message

Select the Forward button in the bottom right hand side of the Evolution window.
fprward button to proceed

You can choose to Restore Backup of a previous account setup up with Evolution. Click Forward again.

Fill in the required information including your name and e-mail address. Optional Information includes where the email's replys will go to, and you can specify an organization. Next click the Forward button.

On the Receiving Mail screen select the Pop from the Server Type drop down box.


After selecting Pop from the menu more options open up below the drop down box. First enter inside the first field labeled Server. Now enter your e-mail address in the Username filed.

PoP Options

Now select SSL encryption beside Use Secure Connection. And if you want you can choose to remember the password by checking the box at the bottom.

Click Forward


The next screen is Receiving Options which offers options for receiving email like timing for automatic mail check and message storage options.

receiving options

Click the Forward button

Now we need to set up our preferences for sending mail. First make sure Server Type is set to SMTP. Under the Server Configuration heading in the field labeled Server type in Click the Server requires authentication checkbox. Beneath Security change Use Secure Connection to SSL encryption and just verify your username has been added to the field below the Authentication heading. Here you can also choose to remember the password by selecting the checkbox.

smtp options

When all of this is finished click on the Forward Button.

forward button

Now we have the Account Management window that has a single filed to enter text. By default our e-mail address is populated here.

account management

Click Forward
forward button

Select your time zone from the map or Selection drop down box.

Select Time Zone

Click Forward

Next we get a congratulations message confirming the account has been created successfully.

congrats message

Click Apply

apply button

At the top of the screen we have the Menu bar which looks like this.

Below that we see many large icons horizontal across the top of our window.

This is the Evolution Toolbar and it allows us to compose, send, receive, reply, reply to all, forward, print, delete, choose junk, not junk, and more. This is where the majority of our selections will be.

The Folder List shows a list of available folders for each account. Click on an item in the list to see the contents.

Do a quick search on messages here.


Do a more in-depth search through your e-mails, contacts, tasks and more to display the content your seeking.


The Switcher is located on the bottom left side of the Evolution window. Here you can switch between the different Evolution tools including mail, contacts, calenders, memos, and tasks.

teh switcher


If that's not clear enough and your still having problems we included a video tutorial below on accessing Gmail from your Evolution email client. Also watch out for our growing collection of video tutorials on a number of distros and applications for Linux.