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OpenOffice Writer Training CD

 The OpenOffice suite provides an irreplaceable money saving asset to many home and office computers. This suite of applications includes solutions for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, math formulas, databases, and more. Now we have created training videos to get you started using the OpenOffice suite and its features. Start with OpenOffice Writer training videos designed to bring you all of the word processing features of OpenOffice Writer.

 Our training videos are flash format videos with voice narration and are accessible through a simple HTML menu compatible with all web browsers. Some of the many topics covered in this learning CD include Character Options, Arrange Objects, Bullets and Numbering, Inserting Caption, Find and Replace, Undo and Redo, Picture Filters, Manual Breaks, Tables, Status Bar, Word Count, Adding Simple Style, Toggle Toolbar, Thesaurus,
Special Character, The Ruler, Spellcheck, Bookmarks, and Text Boundaries. Plus complete coverage of Agenda, Letter, Convert Document, Presentation, Fax, and Webpage wizards.

Our OpenOffice 3 videos are now included with over 100+ Ubuntu videos in our Ubuntu Training CD.