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Basic Command Line Training - PDF

Basic Command Line Training - PDF

Basic Command Line Training - PDF

This manual is designed to provide the new Linux Administrator or new user to Linux the adequate training and repetitive application needed to insure confidence when working at the command line.
This 215 page manual is built for those coming from a Windows background that want to learn Linux and be able to perform basic Linux commands with confidence and understand the Linux File System. The manual has 41 Labs so that you can interact with the learning on a Linux machine. In a classroom situation the manual will take about 20 hours to read and perform the Labs. The manual comes with a lay flat binding for easy viewing and for taking notes.
Table of Contents Introduction
Lab 1.1 The Linux Prompt,Finding Help,Lab 1.2 Using man Pages
Understanding Users
Normal Users, Lab 2.1 Users and Groups, The root User,How to Acquire root Privileges,Lab 2.2 Acquire root Privileges,Passwords,The history Command, Lab 2.3: history Command
Managing the File System
Pathnames,Lab 3.1: Understanding Relative/Absolute Paths,Path and Environmental Settings,A Linux Standard,Directories vs. Partitions in the File System,Lab 3.3: Recognizing Partitions, File Types, File Permissions, Lab 3.4: Recognize Permissions, Lab 3.5: Change File Permissions - chmod, Links
Diagnostic Tools
Purpose of the Shell,The Command Line,Structure of a Command
Lab 4.1: Linux Commands,Disk Space, Lab 4.2: Disk Space Use
Group Permissions, Lab 4.3: Adjusting Group Permissions,Timestamps
Lab 4.4: Checking File Timestamps
Process Management
Managing Processes,ps,Nice, Creation of Process,Lab 4.5: Listing Processes, Signals, How to Kill Processes, Process States, top,Lab 4.6: top, Dealing with Wild Processes,Lab 4.7: Using Signals
Lab 5.1: Navigation Tools
Text Manipulation
Search, Insert Mode: Changing Text, Saving and Exiting,Global Replacement, Lab 6.1 : Learning vim, Split Screen, Lab 6.2: Split Window, nano, Lab 6.3: Basic Nano
Locating Information
Search Packages, Search for Sizes, Search User Owned Files, Managing Versions, Using Aptitude to Locate Information, Using dpkg to Locate Information, Lab 7.1: Managing Package Versions
Managing System Logs
Lab 7.2: Web Server Log Files, View System Logs, Log File Rotation
Lab 7.3 Log Management
Creating Backups
Using tar,Lab 8.1 Simple tar Backup,Search the Contents of a tar File, Compress the Backups,Simple tar Script, Lab 8.2 Backup /home Directory with Script, rsync, Lab 8.3 rsync, Using dd to Back Up Partitions , Lab 8.4 Backup /boot Directory with dd
Managing Automated Actions
Using at, Lab 9.1: Using at, Using cron, Lab 9.2: Backup
Networking LAN - Local Area Network, WAN - Wide Area Network, Network Basics, Test Network Connections, Display Routing Table, route, Reviewing Network Connections, Common Ports and Services, Lab 10.1 Network Troubleshooting
Basic Linux Commands cp - Copy, Lab 11.1: Copy Files and Directories, date - Date, rm - Remove, Lab 11.2: Delete Files and Directories, mv - Move, mkdir - Make Directory, Lab 11.3 : Commands
SSH Secure Remote Access
SSH Basics, Lab 12.1: SSH Secure Connection, Generate a Key Pair, Preventing Man in the Middle, Known Hosts, Making Connections, Initializing a Connection to a Server, Transfer Files Using scp, Transfer Remote File to Local Machine, Transfer a Directory to Remote Server, Using sftp for Secure File Transfer, Change Port Number on Client, Connect With Keys Only,Lab 12.2: SSH Connect Without Passwords, Transferring Files With FileZilla, Connecting With FileZilla,LAB 12.3: SSH Move Directories, LAB 12.4: SFTP
Webmin: Remote Access
Lab 13.1 : Webmin Security, Lab 13.2 : Webmin Options
Lab Answers



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