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Advanced Nagios Class

Advanced  Nagios Class

Advanced Nagios Class

Nagios Advanced Training (20 hours)
What's Included
* Advanced Features of Nagios XI and Nagios Core.
* 900+ Pages of Documentation - Including: Advanced Nagios Manual and the Plugins Manual- Our comprehensive manuals provide step-by-step instructions that help students accomplish monitoring tasks that are covered in the training.
* About 15% of the class time is focused on solving problems which students have with their current Nagios installation. This provides not only a learning experince but the ability to see problem solving which they can apply to their current working Nagios installation.
* Live Virtual Classroom - Students will have class sessions with an instructor to demonstrate server configuration allowing students to ask questions. These virtual classrooms allow students to talk with the instructor and watch live demonstrations.
* Follow-Up Support - Students can attend additional training sessions after they complete the course for continued support.

What You'll Learn
* Passive Monitoring - Learn how to set up passive monitoring where remote clients send information to Nagios.
* Distributed Monitoring - Learn how to use multiple Nagios servers to send their check to a central location to be monitored. Includes a review of Nagios Fusion, Nconf and MNTOS.
* Receiving Traps - Configure Nagios to receive traps from routers, switches, Windows servers and Linux servers. Includes instructions for NSTI to place traps in a database.
* NDOUtils (MySQL Database) - Create a MySQL database to be used by Nagios and learn how to back it up and troubleshoot the database.
* NagVis: Logical and Geographical Mapping - Create logical or geogrpahical maps of your organization to be used in conjunction with NagVis.
* Business Process Intelligence - Develop continuity planning using your mission critial applications.
* NRDP - Explore this option which has benefits over the typical passive check.
* NRDS - Learn how to create passive monitoring with automated call-ins from the clients.
* Create workers for Nagios using DNX or Mod-Gearman. * Puppet - Configure a puppet master to allow your client pull updates to them for automation.
* Netflow - Learn how to set up Netfow for routers and switches.
* Create High Availability and Failover options with Nagios.
* Review and discuss advanced Nagios resource usage and scheduling.
* Learn how to install and implement Nagios Incident Manager.
* Learn how to use the latest versions of Webinject for synthetic web site monitoring.

Additional Benefits
* Access To Knowledgeable Instructors - Students have weekly sessions with a qualified instructor to discuss questions and view demonstrations on topics of the student's choice.
* Support With Questions - Live training provides students with answers to questions that a student may experience.
* Unlimited Email Support - Students receive support from the instructor via email during the course of the training.
* trainingcert-thumbCertificate Of Completion - Students receive an official certificate of completion once they've taken the training and attended at least 50% of classes.
* Training Verification - Students can let their current and future employers verify their Nagios training status and obtain training certificates online.

We Are The Official Nagios Training Provider

Official Nagios Training

We are excited to announce that (CyberMontana Inc) has been named as an Authorized Nagios Training Partner. We've been working with Nagios to create the most comprehensive Nagios training packages available anywhere. Live classes feature an official Nagios instructor and Nagios approved training materials.

Advanced Nagios Class Schedule:

Advanced Nagios Class (5 days a week 11 A.M - 3 PM Eastern)
January 26,27,28,29,30

Advanced Nagios Class (5 days a week 11 A.M - 3 PM Eastern)
April 6,7,8,9,10



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