Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu Server Training

The NEW Ubuntu Server. Multiple options exist for training.

Online Course

Ubuntu Server Administration Course - Online - $99

This online Ubuntu Linux course is designed to provide students with a realistic skill set. Students will acquire skills as they study online text with graphics for illustrations as well as when they watch Flash Videos with voice.

The Ubuntu Server Administration Course is designed to provide you with the skills to perform as a administrator of a server or computer. Students will be provided with a 500 page PDF which they can download that contains all course material. The manual and online contain practicals that are a step-by-step tutorials.

  Ubuntu Lab Manual

Ubuntu Server Manual (PDF Download) - $49.95

Ubuntu Server Manual Lay Flat Spiral 11 x 8.5 $89 (includes CD with movies)

Ubuntu Server Manual
This is a working manual of almost 500 pages of how to projects. Including how to configure SSH, DNS, Postfix, Dovecot,VSFTP, DHCP, LAMP Server, Server Security, System Management, Apache, Network File System Samba and the kernel. The entire course is included in this manual. All the Flash movies from the course are also included. It is in a workbook format with questions and space for answers and notes. 8.5 x11"



KVM and QEMU Virtualization

KVM/QEMU Short Course $39.95