Transmission on Ubuntu

The Gnome BitTorrent downloader has been replaced by the GTK version of Transmission, a multi-platform BitTorrent client that is light weight and full of features. Transmission also offers a very easy to use interface with simple access to powerful tools. Transmission GTK version features include:

Stop torrents when downloading and the disk becomes full, removing a torrent also removes it from the cache, smaller memory footprint per-torrent and per-peer, a window for selecting files & priorities when opening torrents, display a system tray popup when a torrent finishes downloading, watch folder for auto-adding torrents, improved preferences dialog and message log window, tracker tab in the details window, dozens of usability, Gnome HIG, and i18n improvements, support KDE button ordering, and an option to delete a torrent and its downloaded files. Version 1.10 also includes various backend bugfixes & improvements.

Select Applications --- Internet --- Transmission to open the bit torrent

transmission bit torrent in the ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron desktop

Or while navigating select a file to download and then choose Transmission as the program to open it with.

selecting transmission to open file with from firefox 3.0

Here is a file being downloaded with transmission bit torrent.

file downloading in transmission bit torrent for ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron


ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron logo

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