Vector Linux Vasm Control Panel
Desktop Training - Vector Linux

Lesson 7 / Lesson 9

The Vasm control panel provides a graphical way to accomplish administrative tasks and open administrative tools in Vector Linux.

Control Panel


The first option in the left column is Utilities. Select and you'll see options on the right to open tools like Gslapt, Vpackager and many other Vector Linux utility tools.

Vasm Control Panel window

The Hardware option to the left brings up many hardware options in the box to the right including Time zone, Date and Time, Mouse, Keyboard, and more.

Vasm Control Panel Hardware

A few things the Service option brings include Bootset options, SAMBA Networking, and CUPS for printing.

Vasm Service

XWindow options in the Vasm control center include Window, Display, Boot Mode, Video Configuration and Keyboard Setup.

Xwindow in Vasm

Selecting Filesystem brings Mount Partition, Format, Backup System, Boot Loader and Partition options.

Vasm Filesystem options

Select networking to setup a Modem, Firewall, Hostname, use the ever-useful Netconf tool, or setup your wireless on Vector Linux.

Vasm Network Options

The last option, User, includes options Add User and Delete users along with Root and User passwords

Vasm User Options