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The Novell sponsored OpenSUSE distribution is developed by the community driven OpenSUSE Project and holds a secure spot as one of the most popular distributions available. OpenSUSE focuses on bringing users a well-rounded desktop full of graphical enhancements and innovative OpenSUSE tools. YaST control center, ZYpp package management, the OpenSUSE Build Service, Xgl and Compiz are just a few of the impressive tools available in OpenSUSE.

You can click on the OpenSUSE lessons in the green box to the right or select from the list of recent OpenSUSE tutorials shown at the bottom. More help tutorials are added all the time and outdated tutorials updated. Thanks for visiting us, enjoy OpenSUSE

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OpenSUSE Features

  • Beginner Friendly
  • Powerful Tools
  • Strong Community
  • Quality KDE or GNOME desktops

Most Recent OpenSUSE Tutorials

Preparing the Linux Server for SAMBA
Desktop - OpenSUSE

Preparing the Linux Server for SAMBABefore we configure SAMBA we should make sure that the file-systems that we share to Windows users will support the Windows style of Access Control Lists.

SAMBA and Share Configuration Through YaST
Desktop - OpenSUSE

OpenSUSE Samba ConfigurationLearn how to setup SAMBA and share configuration using YaST. One of the features that makes SUSE relatively simple to manage is that all of the graphical configuration tools are gathered together in the YaST Control Center, (Yet another Setup Tool).

Samba Command Line Configuration on openSUSE
Desktop - OpenSUSE

Samba Command Line ConfigI always suggest using the GUI to begin your Linux Management but as you become more confident with the command line you will naturally migrate to the shell for further management.


A Basic OpenSUSE Installation
Desktop - OpenSUSE

Install OpenSUSEThe OpenSUSE Linux distribution features a very user-friendly graphical installer that allows you to set a number of options and user preferences while installing the system.

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