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Command Line Training for Nagios

Command Line Training for Nagios

Command Line Training for Nagios

This 6 hour course is designed to help those who do not have skills at the command line to get a foundation before taking the Nagios Core or the Nagios XI course. The 6 hour course will cover the necessary skills to perform tasks that will often have to be completed at the command line. Here is an example of some of those tasks:
* issue commands at a terminal
* perform backups manually
* examine logs
* search for files and directories
* use a text editor to edit files
* locate files on the system
* install plugins manually
* use visudo to create rights for plugin use
* change permissions on a file or folder
* set up clients with agents that must be installed for monitoring

This class is recommended for those who do not have command line skills.

Nagios Command Line Class Schedule:

(2 days -- 1 PM - 4:00 PM Eastern)
May 30,31

(2 days -- 1 PM - 4:00 PM Eastern)
July 12,13



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