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Live Ubuntu Server Training

Live Ubuntu Server Training

Live Ubuntu Server Training

Ubuntu Linux Server Training: 5 Weeks Updated for 12.04 is designed to provide students with skills they can use in business and for home. Students will acquire skills as they study over 1200 pages of text with illustrations, watch 172 Videos with voice, complete practical online tutorials and take online quizzes. The course is designed to Begin Where You Are and Lead You to Where You Want To Be

Printed Documentation Each student receives a 3 Lab Manuals that has step-by-step information for learning and Labs for assessment. These are lay flat bindings so you can work from the manual while on a server.
Help for Difficult Questions Live training provides immediate answers to difficult questions and immediate feedback.
Flexible Class Time The instructor time is set up to allow complete flexibility with each student schedule and pace.
Instructor Access Students will have weekly 2 hour sessions with a qualified instructor to discuss questions and view demonstrations by the instructor on topics of the student's choice.
Live Voice Discussion All students can hear and speak to the instructor. No phone is necessary as we use a voice server.
View Instructor Demonstrations Students may view a number of multimedia presentations and demonstrations from the instructor's desktop. Linux Training sessions provide the same learning opportunities as a physical classroom setting. Linux demonstrations are live interactive with the instructor and provide the opportunity to ask questions.
Linux Training Server to Learn on Each student will be provided a real Ubuntu Linux server to work on during the class. This provides students with real skill development as they work through the class. Students will also be shown how to use VMWare Player and VirtualBox to install a virtual machine.
Interactive Labs Students will have labs to complete to develop Linux administration skills. These labs are step-by-step in completing the necessary tasks to become a Linux Administrator.
Unlimited Email Support Students will have unlimited email support during the 4 weeks so they can ask questions of the instructor.

Linux Command Line Training
This manual is designed to provide the new Linux Administrator the adequate training and repetitive application needed to insure confidence when working at the command line. This 215 page manual is built for those coming from a Windows background that want to learn Linux and be able to perform basic Linux commands with confidence and understand the Linux File System. The manual has 41 Labs so that you can interact with the learning on a Linux machine. The manual comes with a lay flat binding for easy viewing and for taking notes.

Server Management Manual
Server Management Manual is 500 pages of server management training with 40 Labs. This step-by-step manual will guide you through setting up and managing an Ubuntu server.
Manage the Boot Process This manual provides detailed steps in how to configure the BIOS, GRUB, manage services, manipulate processes, and evaluate logs for problems. You will learn how to build a kernel and how to modify the kernel on the fly to solve problems.
Manage the File System
You will learn how to use pathnames, set up permissions, create Logical Volumes, create RAID, manage disks and learn how to solve problems with the file system. You will also learn how to create backups and automate scripts and actions on the server.
Manage Networking
The networking will focus on the set up of your network and how to evaluate problems related to your network and the activity on the network. You will have detailed instructions on how to set up the UFW firewall and AppArmor. You will learn how to connect using SSH, Webmin and VNC for working on the server.
Manage Users
Learn about the files that are created when you create a user, password control, quotas, adding and managing users and groups,and how to remove users correctly.
Manage Log Files
Learn where logs are located, how to search them and how to add logs to your system.
Manage Server Security
Students will learn how to create Layered Security, Securing Services, check for rootkits, evaluate network traffic and check logs for security issues.

Server Daemons Manual
Server Management Manual is over 500 pages of server management training with 40 Labs. This step-by-step manual will guide you through setting up and managing mail, web server, FTP server, SSH server, DNS server, DHCP server, etc.
Apache Learn how to configure virtual hosts, tune for performance, set up SSL and secure apache.
MySQL You will learn how to set up and secure and backup a MySQL server and then join it with apache and PHP to create a LAMP server.
Squid Proxy Server Build a proxy server to create faster Internet access and security.
VSFTP Server Learn how to create an FTP server that is secure, uses SSL, control users with chroot jails and create virtual users for FTP.
Network File System Use NFS to transfer files between Linux servers.
Postfix Mail Server Create a secure mail server with options to control SPAM with Spamassassin and virus activity with ClamAv.
DNS Server Learn the concepts behind DNS and set up a DNS server.
Samba Introduction Configure a Samaba server for saving Windows files to a Linux server, including;
Samba Install and Start, smb.conf, testparm, Sections in smb.conf, Create Shared Directory,Printing
DHCP Learn how to set up DHCP and tie IP Addresses to MAC addresses for more control.
Iptables The iptables section covers command conventions, direction of packet flow, tables, chains and targets, setting the default policy, matching source and destination IP Addresses,controlling port matches,etc.

Video Examples

vi: Using the Unamed Buffer
fdisk: Delete Partition
Apache: Enable Mods



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