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Online Bash Shell Scripting

Online Bash Shell Scripting

Online Bash Shell Scripting

Online Bash Shell Scripting
The Bash Shell Scripting course provides basic solutions to get started with writing scripts to enhance Linux Administration. Students have access to a 500 page manual, 121 videos

The documentation is broken into several parts; Bash, Shell Scripts, Regular Expressions and Stream Filtering.
Bash Shell Section
This section details on how bash how it works and how to make modifications to Bash so an administrator can configure user environments to their needs.
Topics Include: Interpreting Commands, Command Structure, Multiple Arguments for Commands, Interactive Command Options, Command Sequences and their use, Background Jobs and Control, Escaping and Quoting, Command-Line Scans, Enabling Pipelines, Input/Output Redirection, Setting Variables and Using them, Customizing the User Environment, Configuring Shell Aliases, Configuring Path and Environmental Settings, Learning to Use Text Tools.

Shell Scripting With Bash
The shell scripting section demonstrates how to create basic shell scripts and provides examples for each topic that is discussed in text and video. Primarily the goal is to be able to create scripts that you can use as an administrator immediately. The examples are designed to give you real tools.
Topics that are discussed are: What makes up a Script, Using Variables, Using Back Tics, Wildcards, exit codes and what they mean, cut command, Functions and their use, Positional Parameters, Escape Characters, test for conditions, Flow control, The For Loop, The While Loop, Creating Twitter Scripts, read Command, case Statements and their usage.

Regular Expressions in Scripts
Regular expressions have become a necessary skill with many Linux applications. This section provides the background you will need to use basic expressions and be able to read expressions.
Topics Include; Matching Literal Text Strings, Case Sensitivity, Metacharacters and their use, Positional Anchors, Matching Ranges of Characters, Negating a List, Matching Whitespace, and Backreferences.

Stream Filtering usage
Stream filtering empowers you to do a lot of things in scripts that would not be possible any other way. This section provides background information for using stream filtering in bash shell scripts. Among the commands which are examined are; tee, cut, paste, join, sort, expand and unexpand, streams, head, tail, od, uniq, wc, fmt, split, tr, xargs, sed, and grep.

You will have access to this course for six months.



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