Changing the Looks of Nagios in 60 Seconds
Server - Nagios

Did you know you can easily change the way Nagios looks? Nagios has a number of options for frontends, or skins for the Nagios web interface. These frontends change the look of Nagios. Often these frontends are a matter of preference as they do not change the functionality of the program at all. They are easily changed and and restored if you follow some basic principles.


The exfoliation frontend is easy to install. Once again the key is to backup anything you might change and note the correctly paths depending upon your installation. Be sure to follow the correct order of the commands as you want to backup the original configuration before you install the frontend.


Nagios Exfoliation


If you used an RPM repository use this command:

cd /usr/share/nagios

If you compiled use this command:

cd /usr/local/nagios/share

Now you can run these commands.


mv stylesheets stylesheets_orig

mv images images_orig


tar zxvf exfoliation-0.6.tgz


Now you will need to stop and restart Nagios and httpd in order for the changes to be visible.


service nagios stop

service httpd stop

service nagios start

service httpd start


Be sure to log out and then login again to the web interface.

Another fast Face-lift for Nagios can bee seen in this Nagios V-Shell Review and Interview with Mike Guthrie, the lead developer.