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CentOS is a very popular Enterprise-class Linux Distribution derived from sources freely provided to the public by a well known North American Enterprise Linux vendor. CentOS continues to gain popularity as Windows administrators move to Linux to save money and for the performance gains.

We've listed all of our CentOS tutorials below to get you started using CentOS. We also provide an online CentOS training course and live CentOS class.

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Using The Haraka Mail Server
Server - CentOS

Haraka Mail ServerHaraka, a lightweight SMTP server focused on performance, simplicity and modularity. The Haraka mail server uses plugins built from Javascript to facilitate speed and modularity. The concept of plugins (modules) allows an administrator to implement only those plugins which are needed.


Using Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment, AIDE
Server - CentOS

The Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment, AIDE, has replaced the free version of Tripwire. It works the same as Tripwire, and uses the same command switches


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