Update the Ubuntu System
Desktop Training - Ubuntu 8.04

The update manager is a convenient tool that allows for a quick and easy update of you Ubuntu system. After starting your Ubuntu system for the first time you'll see a message like the one shown in the screenshot below. If you click on this notification icon which is the red downward pointing arrow with the exclamation mark inside you can view which updates are available for your Ubuntu system. 

software updates available

After clicking on the notification icon you will see this window indicating that the update manager is starting. This takes only a few seconds. 

starting update manager

 Here is the update manager open and ready for action. click Check to check for new updates or just click Install Updates to install all of the selected updates. If you want to leave out certain updates check them off  the list.

 update manager open

After clicking the Install Updates button we now need to wait while the update manager downloads the packages to our computer from the internet. Below the status bar is the download rate and time remaining. you may also view the progress of single files. 

downloading package files

Now that the package files have been downloaded the update manager automatically applies the changes and installs the new software.

 installing software updates

That's it, you're finished updating the Ubuntu operating system. If you're looking for video tutorials that show the ins and outs of Ubuntu desktop click the link below!