Set Up a Network Printer
Desktop Training - Ubuntu

Configuring printers for Windows computers has always been a fairly easy process. In the Linux world though, just the opposite has been true until fairly recently. Now, just about every Linux distro comes with a graphical utility for adding and configuring printers. But, most of the time, you'll open that utility only to find that the printer has already been detected and installed on your system. So now, printer installation with Linux is even easier than it is with Windows.

Begin by connecting your printer to the system--either to your local computer or somewhere on the network--and turning it on. Then, open the Printing utility from the System menu.

Choose new printer and it will detect the network printers that are available. Here you see a HP Laserject is on the network.

Select Next and choose the Printer manufacturer.



Choose the model number and printer drivers.

Review the installed options.


Provide a name for the spaces.

Installation Complete.




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