AppArmor Install
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Install apparmor

There is no need to install apparmor as it is installed by default on the new Ubuntu Hardy Heron and on the Gutsy Gibbon.  However, the real issue is that the install has only active profiles for the cups printing so do not think that your Desktop or Server are really protected.  For an article on the Ubuntu 8.04 Server and AppArmor, Click Here.

Check the status of apparmor

When you check the status you see that by default two profiles are active. These are protecting the cups program, which is used for printing. You can see from the status that no profiles are in complain mode. Complain mode will help you learn what will happen if there were violations without hindering activity. It is like a warning only mode.



sudo apparmor_status

apparmor module is loaded.

2 profiles are loaded.

2 profiles are in enforce mode.



0 profiles are in complain mode.

1 processes have profiles defined.

1 processes are in enforce mode :

/usr/sbin/cupsd (4829)

0 processes are in complain mode.

0 processes are unconfined but have a profile defined.